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DSC_6465 (1)Hello everybody! We are Josette and Thanh. Today, we started our day as locals by waking up at 6:00 in the morning; well rested for the big day ahead of us. At Quiero Mas we received a nice ham and cheese sandwich with a cold glass of orange juice. After our “most important meal of the day”, we took an adventure across the city (a 15 minute walk) to the market to meet the store owners that we were going to work with. For the next 4 hours, Glimpsers were selling sticks of cheese, beans, piñatas, chicken, and a variety of other items that locals buy daily. Aside from working with the store owners, Brayan presented us with a challenge: those who were the most creative, the loudest, the best at advertising, the most hard-working, and those who sold the most product would be given a prize during dinner time. Before lunch, to-go boxes were given to each participant by Jessica, Brayan, and Josette. At lunch time, the Glimpsers enjoyed a nice meal with their store owners as if we were actual workers! But the time to leave came, and we had to say good-bye to our bosses for the day.

Once we arrived at the hostel, we had free time, Glimpsers broke up into small groups doing various things such as: going to the internet café, having small adventures, buying smoothies and souvenirs. Afterwards, we wrote appreciation letters for the donors, and prepared for our CAP and English tutoring. We concluded our day with dinner in the oldest building in Leon and an “American Style” dinner: pizza! Just in case you were wondering, the winners of the awards were:

  • Danny – most product sold
  • Amanda & Max – Best Advertisement
  • Dylan & Thanh – Most Hardworking
  • Michelle & Raquel – Loudest
  • Ally & Josette – 2nd Most Product sold.

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