Hello! It was a privilege to be Leaders of the Day once again!

Our theme of the day today was working like a local. Were were split into small groups ,and were assigned to different vendors in a local market. The vendors specialized in selling tomatoes, cheese, pinatas, and other groceries. The energy  of each group rose quickly when we were told that we were competing to see who was the loudest, most creative, and who had the most sales. Throughout this reality challenge we learned that life is not easy for these locals. We only worked for 5 hours and we were utterly exhausted. This really put things into perspective that they have to do this on a day to day basis, and if they don’t have a successful day, they might not be able to eat.  This made us think of the bigger picture, and how many Nicaraguans live in the moment because tomorrow is never certain. Fortunately we were rewarded for our hard days work with a celebratory dinner. We were taken to a French bakery (and if you know me you know how much I love food). We dined, we wined and looked fine at the same time.

Sorry that we couldn’t post pictures, we encountered technical difficulties!