Hola! Suhayla Hassan, here today as your Leader of the Day. Our day started off by waking up at 5:30am, the sun had yet to rise. While this all may seem a little extreme this is the normal day for a local farmer living here in the Dominican Republic.

DSC04438After a slow and sluggish wake up my group headed into the bus that drove us to a community nearby called, Mana. Mana is one of the many communities that is suffering from a severe drought. Our group also observed the dammed up river that causes an even greater struggle for the people of Mana and the communities surrounding it. In about an hour of driving in a bus with a group of sleepy students we finally arrived at Mana. At Mana our team had separated into 2 groups and one group headed off to harvest yucca (cassava) at the base of the river and my group hiked the rough trail of the mountain to observe the many different crops that the locals harvest, which were mangos, coffee, avocadoes, coconuts, and yucca! After our quick harvest of yucca and mangoes (yum), the glimpsers got a chance to talk to the activist group, CONAMUCA.The orginization is currently fighting for the rights of working women and farmers of communities similar to Mana.

The team had a great time at Mana, but the time soon came to bid farewell to the kind people of Mana and head back to the rancho for a delicious lunch of fish and rice. After lunch our group prepared for their second English class at the school. The glimpsers enjoyed seeing their students from Friday and also teaching the new students. With the help of our ambassadors the glimpsers had a great time working with their students.

DSC04504After heading back to the rancho we had a great dinner, with the fresh mangoes we had picked at Mana today. Despite the long day everyone in the team had enough energy to have a great time. We ended our day with the nightly meeting. When the meeting ended I sat to write this as everyone headed to bed, and these pesky bugs are not leaving me alone. That tarantula hunting the boy’s bathroom is still here somewhere. Despite these little “hiccups” the group and myself are having a great time, and I send this entry with lots of love. Adios!

P.S. Happy Birthday Mommy!!!! <3 I love you!!! I got you a good gift!

P.S.S. Tell everyone I said “Hi”