Hey family and friends, Faven here to update you guys on what has been going on. Today we woke up at 6:00 to the sound of roosters, we had an hour to get ready and next thing you know, we were all on our way to breakfast where Don Carlos prepared egg omelets with bread. After Breakfast, we headed straight to the market, which can be mistaken for a very complex maze. Our coordinators and GG leaders separated us into groups then dropped us off at different stands in the market\maze.

IIMG_6133 was paired with Dylan and we were dropped off at Don Guillermo’s stand where we both took turns at being the cashier (it was a lot harder than it seemed). Dylan and I had short but intense conversations with Don Guillermo, who surprisingly spoke English but refused so we could practice our Spanish. We talked a lot about how a majority of his family lives in the states and how he is constantly traveling back and forth trying to take care of his family in the states and also in Nicaragua. He told us he once was a lawyer but quit his job once he got his American citizenship. Guillermo stated that he rather work in his market (which he has owned for about 10+ years) because it is simple and he says it is enough to keep him happy. Guillermo shared his knowledge on Daniel Ortega with us.  We learned that Daniel Ortega is in town, this excited many of the other glimpsers.

At about 12:30, the leaders came to round us about to officially head to lunch. At lunch we had a Nicaraguan twist on chicken stew and rice. After our delicious lunch, we made our way home and enjoyed one hour in the hostel to rest and 45 minutes to leave the hostel. Kevin, Pedro, Gustavo, Andres and I ventured off to Café de la Flores to numb our taste buds with fantastic frappes (in which Andy just had to buy another and ALMOST made us late). We entered the hostel to our fellow Glimpsers already starting to plan their English lesson for their English students. At around 4, we were already at the school, and some of us were even teaching English.

IMG_6146I heard you wanted to hear more about our English tutoring so here it is. Pedro, Omari and I (plus Kevin for these past two days) have the advanced class and boy, they are advanced. We are able to hold intricate conversations with them like what kind of laws in Nicaragua do they believe should not be laws due to the fact that one of my students dream of following her mom’s footsteps of becoming a lawyer. We have conversations in English and that is a delicacy here in Nicaragua. Today, we had one student, Daniela, show up and she’s very bright. She learns quick and that leaves time for us to talk more about our lifestyles. English tutoring ended at 6 and we went straight to dinner.

After dinner, we gathered together for our last Community Action Project (CAP) seminar and it resulted in everyone having a specific role in the project whether it be dealing with money or being able to make sure everyone is in their best health conditions. We almost concluded our night with the daily Nightly Meeting where we handed the torch (ball) to Kat, whose talent was so amazing it almost made me “run” for the hills (ha, insider). Now, we are writing this as Francisco and Gustavo are once again grilling up some superb smelling chicken (which of course our always hungry Glimpser, Dylan, couldn’t resist to ask for a bite).

Tomorrow, expect some phone calls and some facebook messages as we are given plenty free time to roam Granada and visit internet cafés. Big Love to Gaby, Destiny, Liz, Cristina, Kevin, Gustavo, Kat, Emely, the Bottomless Pit (Dylan), and everyone else for the goodnight hugs. Big Love to Pedro and Andy for the great laughs. Big Love to Mosquitos for the bites. Big Love to Jorge for helping me with my Spanish skills at our Market stand. Big Love to Min and Truong for the amazing photos. Big Love to Victor for not making a huge scene when you got pooped on by  bird while walking through Central Park. And to all, a goodnight. *snaps*