We started off on an early morning, 6 o’clock, then we went to El Hotel Bastilla on the back of a truck standing up while holding on to polls. Once we got there we got to  experience the jobs the students went through on a daily basis. It was a tough hike but once we got up to the area in where we had our lunch the view was amazing.

Once I saw how hard the students worked while studying and for long hours a day it made me realize that many people live different lives then I do. A girl just a year older than myself was working 8 hours a day while studying. I’ve never studied plus worked a full day. The view was my absolute favorite part of today, even though the hike up to our area was very hard due to the rain and steep hill, but once I got up to the view I couldn’t stop admiring how beautiful the everything looked. It was one of the many great experiences I’ve had here. I am looking forward to spending one more week here in Nicaragua and having all these memories/experiences to take with back home and bring with me throughout my life.

-Esmeralda Alvarado

Today was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much and I appreciate every second and each event. The work that was given to us glimpsers was to work like a local, which involved agriculture. We were exposed to young people who work hard for their dreams. I will never forget about the hundreds of chickens pecking at  our feet.  I will never forget reaching for the eggs in the nest. Nor will I forget about how cheese is processed; the best cheese I have ever tasted in my life. The lesson I took from here was, hard work will pay off. The amount of effort  you put in, will be rewarded in the end with greatness.

-Xitlaly Santos