Today we went to the local market to work like locals. We each were put into groups of 2 or 3 and sent to work with locals in their booths. Some were sent to work on selling clothes, others on vegetables, pork, rice and beans, and fish.


We worked with our locals for about 4 hours. The market was very loud and busy. My group was Hannah and Dorothy. We were selling clothes with a lady named Doña Auxcilladora and Don Victor. We were asking people that walked by what they were looking for. The other girl that was working with us literally dragged a man into the store and he bought some shoes which I though was interesting because she grabbed his arm and forced him into the booth. Some people were scaling fish, weighing rice and oil, and bagged pork.


After the market we ate lunch and had free time. Some people went out to shop and eat gelato and some stayed to just at the hostel to chat and take a nap. Then we prepared to present our community action project to the principal of the school where we will be doing our project at. La Escuela de la Inmaculada is located in Las Prusias which is located about 15 minutes away from Granada. We each presented ideas to her for our CAP project and she decided that we will be fixing the bathroom roof and making benches for the kids of the community. We are all very excited for our project to help the community.


After dinner we went to La Calzada to watch our friends Maria Josè, Gregory, Rafael and Alan from La Casa De Botellas perform on the street with fire. The show was very cool and we all enjoyed it. It was another great day in Granada. Big love to all the parents supporting us on this once in a lifetime experience, it has been great so far and we all can’t wait for our first fun day tomorrow.