Today was a very eye opening experience. The whole group got to experience what it was like to work like a local and feel the difficulties and struggles that citizens of a developing country go through in order to support their families. Everybody woke up very early in the morning at 4, and went to different homes to learn more about the locals daily lives. Some of them had the oppurtunity to go through the complete process of preperation, execution, and deliveration of the product.  There were four different groups. The first group went to a local home and made different types of cheese such as cuajada, barbeque, crema de queso, queso frito, and grated cheese. This group included five students, Estaphani, Racheal, Alejandro, Tara, and Khusbeen. The second group made cereal drinks such as pinol, pinolio, chinge, tiste, semilla, cacao, etc. This group included Natalie, Kendra, Orlando, Reena, and Belinda. The third group was Sienna, Kishawra, Caitlin, Alex, and Jazmin. They made fruit juices such as chilla, calada, sebada, linaca, cacao, zanahoria, etc. The fourth group also sold and made cheese. The people in the group included Punit, Natasha, William, Yasmine, and Athena.

IMG_3247  IMG_3251

All four groups worked for five hours and were part of the experience of selling their final producs.  We all learned and realized that we have many more opportunites in our lives.  We are all so fortunate and lucky to have such great parents that work very hard to support us in everything that we need in our lives.  We finally understand how grateful we are to be that 1% of the population that have an opportunity to go to college.  During our self reflection, we realized that many of us would not be able to lead such a repetitive, difficult, and stressful life.  At the end of the day, we had a fun experience but for us individuals to take on this role into our daily lives would be nearly impossible.  Each and every one of us now knows how priviledged we are to get at least a secondary education and not have to take on filial responsibilities.

From your leaders of the day,

Punit Kaur and Natalie Rodriguez.