So today was working like a local day! The day started off by driving to FECADES, which is a coffee farm in the mountains of Guanito.  There we learned about the farm and how they produce the coffee before we were put to work. We were split into 4 groups where we helped bag soil, transport the soil to the green house, plant the seeds or picked weeds from plants. The purpose of today was for us to really get understand the meaning of hard work and what is actually takes to be a farmer in DR. Also, we got a chance to talk to the farmers who work there. We were able to learn that some of the farmers work only six or seven hours a day for a dollar an hour.  A couple of them mentioned that it is not enough for them to live off of but they have to make it work.  We were able to met the cutest little girl and she gave each of us one of her rubber bands which was really sweet. I think she enjoyed the company while hanging out at her grandpa’s job.

Once we returned from the farm and after we had lunch, we met with some of the members from the Center Of Mothers and we presented our ideas as to what we want to do for our CAP project. It was decided that we will build a gazebo in the middle of the park so there is some shade as well as a place for them to hold birthday parties. We will also be adding benches and adding games/equipment to the park. Finally, we did another English tutoring class and today, for the most part, everyone felt like their class was more active and productive with trying to learn English plus it felt more comfortable the second time around. Long but great day!