Hey guys! Greetings from the Dominican Republic! It’s your favorite LDDs Addy and An!

So, today we woke up super early at 6am and had the opportunity to work together with locals from Brigada Verde, a community of tree planters in Bonao. Everyone was down to get their hands dirty and we planted a ton of trees. Afterward, the Glimpsers were able to bond with the locals in Brigada Verde and its surrounding community by sharing a snack and engaging in conversations about their daily lives and the work they do.

Then, we came back to the accommodations for a mandatory shower and lunch! For lunch, we had beef, rice with parsley, and cabbage salad, prepared by our cook Licelot.

In the evening, the students went to teach English at a local school. It was awesome to be able to see Dominican students of all ages in the classroom and their positive attitudes! The Glimpsers were ready to teach and the students were ready to learn!

After English tutoring, we went back to the accommodations to have chicken noodle soup for dinner, prepared by Licelot. We then had our nightly meeting and reflected on the principles working the land instilled in the people here in the Dominican Republic.

We miss our family and friends back home and we can’t wait to see them soon! <333

The B1A Glimpser Team