The leaders of the day today were Carter and Tyler. We started the day by waking up at 7:00. We then left for Roma Santa and ate breakfast! We had toast, watermelon, scrambled eggs, and papaya. We then left for San Pablo Alto, a potatoes field with a great view of Mount Chimborazo. We flipped over potatoes to dry, we all milked a cow, then fertilized a field. Everyone put their all into the work and really impressed Jaime. We then left for lunch and ate beef, potato soup, rice, brownies, beets, carrots, and haba beans. Once we finished, we went back to the hotel and planned our presentation to the school we’re helping. We all compromised very well and presented a solid plan. It seems like the school is very excited about our work this week! We then went to dinner and ate pizza and salad. All of us enjoyed the taste of the United States from Ìsabele! We then left for our first English Tutoring! Most groups say that they think it was a step in the right direction. Tomorrow’s English tutoring will be just as fun.

The glimpsers today worked hard on the field throughout the entire morning. This farm had no machines and was all organic so it was all hands-on work. It made the students really think about where our food comes from and how it gets to our plate through hard work and dedication of many farmers. Farmers go through all this work and we walk into the store and walk out with no thought of them. We go for simplicity instead of trying to find the best option like the fair trade market. We also had a long conversation about humans relationship with the earth. People in Ecuador respect the earth and care for it. The indigenous people even worship the earth to keep it healthy. In contrast, American people do not seem to have this same level of respect for the earth with littering and changing the earth for our own benefit. This made us think of what we could do to help our communities to respect the earth. On the leadership side of things, we had our CAP presentation. We had to learn how to work as a team and compromise. This was a challenging task with a group of leaders but everyone being positive and open to new ideas made it work.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed the blog so far!

See you tomorrow!

Carter and Tyler