The day began with the early 6:00 wake up call to go to Loma de Yaque to work at a coffee plantation. We were then split into five groups where we would help the workers fill the bags with soil, pluck weeds, plant seedlings, move the bags of soil with a wheel barrel where it would then be placed into lines, which would later be the homes of other fosforitos (seedlings). At the end of our time at Loma de Yaque we Glimpsers  gave Raúl Global Glimpse hats, as a way to show our appreciation for allowing us to work with them.

We went to the school for lunch to prepare for our interviews with the locals in order to understand their needs for our CAP project. We saw a few past projects (the playground and the basketball court) which helped inspired us to brainstorm a few ideas of our own. After spending time interviewing the locals we discovered what they need most, which is a sidewalk which will allow students to safely enter the school.

Being the leader of the day today allowed me to try and get out of my comfort zone and learn the steps that take place before we buy our coffee. Not only did we see the steps that go into this process but we got to see the faces of the people behind it. Being leader of the day has a lot of responsibilities but with the support of my fellow Glimpsers the day was an easy one.

Jasmine Martinez