work like a local 2

Today was Work Like A Local day. One of the activities that i was most proud of was the group that went to the pig pen. Everyone participated in feeding the piglets and giving vaccines to the pigs. Working in the pig pen allowed us to view the work of a local in La Bastilla and get a feel of a part of their day. Hands on activities like giving milk to the piglets brought out a sense of love and awareness to help. Many people don’t know the process of handling pigs but we got the chance to learn about pigs sold for breeding and pigs sold for consumption. The other half of the group went to help the locals with the cows and with the chickens. The very first activity was to milk a cow, however a few of my peers where scared. i was very proud when everyone at least tried to milk the cow and got a feel of what the locals do at La Bastilla. We were all very surprised to learn that the locals who are our age had to work everyday from 6 am to 2 pm.

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