Today we had the pleasure of working like a local! We woke up at 6:30am, and we were given the opportunity to work on a coffee farm that works under the business “FECADESJ” (La Federacion de Caficultores y Agricultores para el Desarollo de San Juan). In order to do this, we had to wake up earlier than usual and have breakfast on the bus for the first time. We had a cheese and tomato sandwich with a banana and a delicious oat drink on the side. We rode approximately 30 minutes to get to the coffee farm. There we met with Raul and a few of his coworkers. We learned in depth what they do on a day to day basis.

After, we headed to our CAP (Community Action Project) location and had lunch and met with the committee. We learned about what the community needed the most and talked out how we were going to develop the projects. We are very excited and inspired to do so many things and help this community.

After we returned to Onaney (our accommodation,) we quickly got ready for our very first English tutoring lesson. We walked about 20 minutes to the school, and had about an hour to prep our lesson plans. The students arrived at 5 and we we gave our English lessons to the best of our ability for 2 hours, then headed back to Onaney where we ate dinner, tortilla con pollo. Finally, we had our nightly meeting and passed the sash to our next leader of the day. Stay tuned!