Today we visited a local vegetable farm and picked cucumbers. The group picked 65 boxes of cucumbers! We then visited the tomato greenhouses and planted rows of tomato seedlings. We learned that cucumbers had thorns and we were happy to have gloves. We found out that the work is tedious and repetitive, and that farmers only make about $8 a day for their work.

We came back to the hotel for lunch and then in the afternoon visited the World AgroMarketing, a company that exports cucumbers from Constanza to the US. The cucumbers have to be aesthetically perfect in order for Americans to want to buy them, so the ugly ones are thrown out or sold for a lower price even though they taste the same.

We returned to the hotel to prep for our evening English tutoring classes at a nearby school. There was a lot of prep for the classes and we were really nervous about it, but only one student showed up! So we had a great time playing Capture the Flag and met another Global Glimpse delegation. We were impressed with how much they had already learned in Constanza.

We finalized our day prepping for tomorrow where we will be “living like a local.”  We are nervous, but also excited to experience how other people live. Starting tonight, we will take bucket showers and have no electricity.