Hey Friends and Family,

While today was not as emotional or physically exhausting as other days, it was still an extraordinarily insightful day. We woke up at 6:30 and had a delicious breakfast at our wonderful host’s, Don Carlos and Maritza’s, restaurant. We then went to go work like a local at a market in Granada. Upon arrival, we immediately met with the market’s executive board; it is thanks to them that us Glimpsers are given the enlightening opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture and style of how the residents of Granada, Nicaragua make a living. After parting with these vendors, we went to Cafe de Las Sonrisas, where we met our guest speaker of the day, Tio Antonio. He gave us wonderful, yet humorous, anecdotes about his life, which were eyeopening. We proceeded with our second day of the English tutoring program, and wrapped up the night with another nightly meeting.

Teams of two (one group of three) were divided into nine groups, since there were nine different vendors. Each of us were able to connect and learn more about our assigned vendors and how they live their lives. Personally, we believe that they were friendly, welcoming, and were open to sharing any information that we inquired. We were able to get competitive with each other by seeing which group got the most sales. We sold anything from fruit to toilet paper and anything else you can think of. Working at the market showed us what most people have to do their day to day lives. After the market we went to lunch and ate the most amazing food you can think of!

At Cafe de Las Sonrisas, most of the workers have a disability, particularly, those with auditory disabilities. Despite their troubles, they still manage to come to work and do a great job. After we ate, the server introduced us 7 minutes into the workers lives. He gave us earplugs and for 7 minutes we had to use them and weren’t able to speak. We used all of the sign language posters all around the tables and walls to help communicate with each other. After seeing what they have to go through, we sat and listened to Tio Antonio’s story of how he started his organization. Despite his obstacles, he discovered the solution to finding those with disabilities a job — traditional hammock making. By making hammocks, this organization and its workers continue to thrive as each day moves forward.

Fortunately, we were able to contribute to the never-ending hammock!

After learning so much from the local vendors and Tio Antonio, the Glimpsers began to prepare for the English tutoring sessions. BUT! It was soon interrupted by our second CAP (Community Action Project) seminar, in which we discussed various ideas and projects to execute in order to provide aid to the Casa de Los Suenos. We’ve come up with ideas that ranged from building new tables for the school to painting and revamping the front of the school; planning will start tomorrow! The CAP seminar was lengthy, but this will truly put our teamwork to the test!

We received some free time, in which a lot of it was dedicated to English Tutoring Prep. The second day of the English Tutoring went well — each Glimpser connected better with their students, and we are all continuing to grow as teachers.

At the end of our long and strenuous day, everyone is really, really tired and we are all eager for our free day tomorrow! Tomorrow, we’ll be looking forward to giving Sujay his chance to grow as a leader, for he will be the Lider Del Dia!

P.S. Yes mommy I am trying all of the foods and it is actually very good, I am writing down every food I am eating to tell you… And our free day is tomorrow and I will be able to call you so answer!! Love you, Quiana

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