Que lo que (what’s up!!!) familia y amigos! Jackie Ngo, Vivian Liu, and Raana Naghieh here today as your Leaders of the Day (-:

Today was Working Like a Local/Global Business Day, which meant a 5:30 AM wake up call for us. We drove to a local greenhouse where we helped local Haitian laborers prepare the earth for the upcoming Persian cucumber season (yum!). As break rolled around, we met Weasley, a Haitian laborer, who told us about his life and dreams.

Regardless of the varying jobs we were assigned and how much sweat was shed, the experience in its entirety was eye opening. It really dawned upon us that what we held as an opportunity to live in the shoes of these laborers, was the everyday reality for millions. Farmers are the backbones of our societies and all of us should live on respecting and truly appreciating their hard work.

We arrived back at the hotel, showered, ate, and drove in a bus to World Agro Marketing, a Persian cucumber packing company. The three of us can definitely agree that the highlight of the tour was the cucumber lazy river and the vigorous paddling we got to witness. In all seriousness, we learned to appreciate all the hard work that goes into providing food for U.S. consumption.

We’re most proud of how we were able to work as a collective unit and finished all our labor quickly. Being LDD was challenging, but extremely rewarding!

Lots of love those at home, especially to our family and friends. We miss you all!

Jackie, Raana, Vivian <3