Hello everyone,

Today we experienced what it was like to work like a local here in Granada. The group visited the local market and joined several local vendors. The whole group was spread out throughout the market and helped out several types of businesses like distributors, florists, restaurants and fruit stands. It was an interesting experience, one that the whole group will remember when we return home after the trip. The experience served as a reality check to many of the group, because for many of us it was an exposure to a completely different environment. Many of us learned what it was like to become a local and how difficult it is for them to provide for themselves and their families. What we were personally most proud of the group today was how positively and open minded everyone approached the market experience. It’s easy for anyone to react negatively when they are exposed to an unfamiliar environment, but everyone was really positive and energetic when describing their experiences at the end of the work day.

After working at the market, the group prepared for the third English tutoring session. As you most likely heard in blog posts of the past few days, the group goes to a local private school and provides free English tutoring sessions to students and teachers who are interested in learning the language. This session was the third of six  sessions that we are hosting while on this journey. This session went really well, as many of the members had positive comments during the nightly meeting about the two hour session that they had spent with their students.

It was a really exciting and enlightening experience for the both of us to be co-leaders of the day. We were exposed to the reality that goes on throughout the majority of the world, which is how hard it is for many people in developing nations to provide for themselves and their families. We are proud to have been Los Lideros Del Dia on this specific day, because it was a very unique way of teaching the whole group how hard life is for many in countries like Nicaragua. Thanks to Global Glimpse and everyone back home for allowing us to go on and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Buenos noches,

Brian Fernandez and Austin Lima