Today we had to live life as a local of Nicaragua. This meant that we went to a ranch called La Garnacha,  and we all worked as farm hands in their fields. We learned how to milk cows and goats. We also learned how to cut the grass for the goats with large heavy machetes, and some other students transported the wood for the locals. As a local, they wake up early in the morning, in which so did we. We had to wake up at 4 am and that surprised us because everyone woke up and got ready on time. We are proud of everything because we milked cows and goats, and everyone stepped out of their comfort zones.

What surprised us theIMG_0891 most today was the way that everyone interacted and communicated with one another. We were all very tired from carrying the wood back and forth, so we came up with a more efficient way to doing it so we would be get it done quicker. We had to pull the wagon manually while others pushed the wagon, and everyone helped on the development of the wagon method.





We are most proud of our peers today, for persevering through their fatigue. We are extremely proud of the way they all worked together and pushed one another. In a way, all of our suffering paid off because we bonded and made more connections with one another.


On our return back to Hotel El Chico, we prepared for our English Tutoring class, where we went to tutor the locals (children and adults) in the English language.