My name is Justin Dela Cruz and today I had the chance to be El Lider Del Dia. Today was “Wrap Up” day, which was the last official day before our flight back to the United States tomorrow. I woke up at 6 am today in order to prepare myself to go around the hotel to wake everyone up at 6:15. We had breakfast at 7 which consisted of cantaloupe, bread, and hot chocolate. By 8 we were starting our first program seminar of the morning. It was focused on finishing off our appreciation letters that we had started writing the week before. It included a summary of the things we saw and lived through on our journey here in the Dominican Republic and most important the lessons we learned from it and how it has changed us as individuals. The following hour, we started our final program seminar of the trip. We were to create a map of 5 of the most impactful things we experienced in this country. However, we had to cut the seminar short because of timing issues and we quickly proceeded to our next activity which was packing so we could leave for the city of Santo Domingo later this day. We exchanged money at 11:20 and headed over to have lunch at 12. One thought I had while having lunch was how much I am looking forward to eating an American meal again. By 1:15 we departed for Santo Domingo and the bus ride took roughly 3 hours. By 5:00 we had already gotten our things ready in our hostel and we split into two different groups to go souvenir shopping. One thing that was really interesting about the tourists’ shops were that they truly had so much variety. We had bought key chains, bracelets, artwork, and so many more. We had dinner at 7:30 and by 8 we started phoning home so that we could inform our parents of flight information for tomorrow. At 8:30 we had our nightly meeting and one thing that really stuck out for me and the rest of the global glimpsers was that even though we were all ready to leave for America the following morning we were going to miss the culture, the experiences, and the friends we made on this journey. We finished up our nightly meeting by passing around papers so that everyone could sign off their personal opinions and shout outs to each others. Being leader on the last real day was not as bad as people may think it would have been. Even though it was hectic I had learned so much from each person of how to command and lead the glimpsers today. This day has been truly bittersweet. It’s hello America, but goodbye the unforgettable experiences Global Glimpse has made possible for every student on this sojourn.