Big love to the 22 Glimpsers who showed up at SFO last night and are just now taking a break from the all day journey and leadership activities. Our Program Coordinators, Erik and Tania welcomed us on a hot humid morning and took us through a beautiful downpour on the road. The country is lush and green and gorgeous, and as soon as we arrived in Esteli, we enjoyed a great lunch together and bonded through some community building exercises. The Glimpsers are bonding, growing, and becoming family. They also want to express how much they miss everyone back home. Shout out to the moms and pops and guardians and families for encouraging them to take on this incredible opportunity. We just finished dinner, and it was delicious. Our night group reflections and getting to know each other activities were super fun and engaging, including hearing some amazing passions and talents. We fought our sleep, but we were able to set out our agenda for tomorrow, which includes a historical city tour and guest speaker. Check in tomorrow for our first student travel blog entry!