Hi world, this is Maria and Skarleth the program coordinators  for M2B.

Well, they are finally here! One awesome looking group of 20 students ready to embark on the big Global Glimpse journey.

First to arrive was our Summer Search Brandon from Seattle. We got to hang around the airport while waiting for the rest of the group who were delayed for two hours. After arriving we had the first nica lunch at Doña Marlene’s and it was very different but delicious!

After that we got an 2 hours bus ride to Matagalpa and arrived at Casa Luna Flor by 7 pm, this beautiful hostel is going to be our  home for the next weeks. Glimpsers are already feeling like a family.

Cold water was a big first for many, but it is expected that they’ll get used to it sooner than later. Also, we went for dinner to Casa Abya Yala and dinner was great! Then nightly meeting for the next Leader of the Day (Steve) to be passed the torch to and share our thorns, roses, big loves shout outs and finish with unity clap. Right now everyone is in their rooms rechaging batteries for our first full day in Matagalpa.

Thanks so much to Telaine and Stephen for being awesome leaders and bringing the group safe and sound to the nica land!