Hey so my name is Eryk and I’m an uprising senior in Williamsburg Prep high school. Im 100% polish and I live in a polish neighborhood. Im always doing community service in the city and my neighborhood since I like giving back. I’m a good listener especially if you’e down in the dumps and I give good advice, I’m always active, chill, I love swimming, and last but not least I do muay thai(kickboxing) and brasilian jiujitsu. I’m open to talk and easy to make friends with so just say what’s up and we’ll make a whole convo. I’ll always respect people when I meet them and I always got my friends back in anyway. Here are some pics of myself so you at least know who I am.

Me after a bjj tournament with professor Renzo Gracie himself congratulating me.

Got a pic of me smashing a 500lb bag from a friend after we sparred for a half hour. On the ball of my foot and kicking leg is straight. Perfect kick