Hello Glimpser world!

Your site manager Sara is here reporting from San Cristobal as The Lider Of The Day.

We just finished our first day together in the DR, and even though everyone is very tired, we can let you know that we are very excited about this journey that we have just begun.

Today was all about adapting to a new culture, a new country, and a new home. We got the opportunity to meet one of our two great bus drivers Moises, but he wasn’t the only member of the San Cristobal GG team that we met.

As you know, we moved into “Rancho Campeche” and one of its owners, Xiomara Fortuna, gave us an amazing explanation on the reality of the Ranch. She started her talk explaining to us all about the different animals that lived here, and we all had different levels of excitement regarding this matter. Thanks to Xiomara we got really excited about this place, as we understood that they are trying to show the people that come here how things can be done in a more sustainable way. So we are looking forward to hearing more about their philosophy and sharing it with you.

To finish let me tell you that Xiomara, who is a world known singer, promised she would sing to us some of her songs. So we can’t wait to keep this adventure going so we can meet more people and listen to the songs we were promised.

We will keep you posed!