Whats up home skillets? It’s Jessica reporting back from Constanza in a little hotel we have all started to self consciously to call “home,” (falling under our first home of course.) The days are rolling by faster than I could have anticipated, and although and the end of the day, the days appear too be to long to remember, it is now Friday and I’m sure much like me we are all wishing we would have appreciated the days that now only hold a place in our memories and our hearts more than we did when we had the chance. As for today, I had to pleasure of being El Lider Del Dia with Shivali, which I can honestly say was a true blessing I wouldn’t change for the world and I would like to thank her for allowing me to be the leader with her even though I didn’t really give her much choice when I wrote my name under hers on the list. Being that it was “Aid and Development” day, after breakfast, where it was by the way established that cereal does in fact go before the milk, we got a chance to meet a whole hearted member of the Korean Peace Corps, Jihwan Lee. He shared his experiences in Cambodia, and how the poverty he got to see first hand motivated him to make a change in the world around him. Hearing about a mentality such as his own was an inspiration to us all to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and really put the world before us in perspective. But because we couldn’t start saving the world on an empty stomach, we soon after met with the Bonao delegation for lunch. At first there was an obvious divide between the two delegations, but soon enough the two of us broke our comfort zones and were eating lunch together engaging in conversations as if we weren’t meeting for the first time, but as if we were had been already been placed on the same trip all along. Easy enough to say, we can all go home saying we aren’t as shy as we first were when we first came here. As for myself, being leader of the day I can sympathize for some of you family members because I love your children, but I know now what some of you have to challenge when you ask your global glimpser to rush because it’s time to go somewhere. I say that with love because they helped me grow as a person in under one day, and that’s what being a leader was all about: not being the dictator, but learning how to be flexible, how to time manage, and how to efficiently manage a group and I’m grateful for that learning experience. As a group, I’m happy to say that in under 6 days we have all formed a little family including the big kids (staff) as well. Everyday we are learning knew things that we can take home and apply to our everyday life, some of which is the skill of appreciating our surroundings and not taking the little things for granted such as running water and plumbing. It was a pleasure writing tonight’s blogpost and I hope to hear more from you all so we continue to have all  your thoughtful messages to take in before bed. Goodnight from Constanza!