Today’s morning consisted of a trip to Canada de las Palmas. In this small and close knit community the glimpsers got to meet one of our program coordinator, Jojo’s mother, Mama Maria. We were taught about her nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping the members of the barrio to thrive on their own. This was not an easy task to do for Maria, as her path of life was turned elsewhere and her visions of the future were obstructed. After working for Food for the Hungry in the capital, Santo Domingo, she decided to go back to her hometown of Constanza where she founded a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), Maria’s Kids. The dedication she has toward her community helped students appreciate the amazing opportunities they are given such as the easy access to scholarships for higher education, saving up money for their future and developing projects in communities around Constanza.

When we returned to our hotel we ate yet another delicious meal, while we continued to prep for our Community Action Project presentation, which takes place tomorrow. We split up into our three groups and developed a layout and budget for our project.

As leaders of the day making sure that everyone was on task and doing what they needed to do while being respected was honestly the most difficult thing about being leader of the day.

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen digestion problems. We were asked to put a sample of our excrement in a cup for lab testing because there was a possibility that a bug was going around, which was causing diarrhea and constipation. This may be TMI (too much information), but it is important to know so you have something to ask your children about when they get home. It has been a crazy experience that has honestly left us scarred, but we are willing to laugh about it as long as we knew we would be okay. Even though this may sound scary to you guys at home please do not be worried as we are and will be okay.

Because of this situation, we were unable to attend English tutoring. Instead, half of us made a visit to the local health clinic while the other half passed out flyers to encourage more students to come out to English Tutoring classes.

Once we were finished, we headed back to the hotel for a bit of free time before a delicious meal of chicken and potatoes. Though being leaders of the day is overwhelming, and overall today was a weird day with all of the gastrointestinal issues and such, being leader of the day was a great experience full of amazing learning experiences. Today, we learned that we are lucky to live in a country that protects our rights, such as education, and although paying for college is often a struggle for families, we live in a society where it is possible to have the opportunity to attend college, unlike the Dominican Republic.

We hope everything back home is going well and we all deeply miss you guys!

  • Grace (miss you mom and dad, I would call but I honestly don’t think I am emotionally stable enough to call and not want to come home, lol. Also, Jena if you are reading this I hecka miss you and love you, please tell the guys I say hi)
  • Deya (hola grupo!!!!)

P.S. We only have the opportunity to call home on our free day #1, which happened on Monday, June 18, but we had technology difficulties with our phones so we will try calling home again on free day #2, which is this Friday, June 22.


Playing games with the kids at Cañada De Las Palmas


Our favorite kid 🙂


Our man Miguel in the school at Cañada De Las Palmas


The chicken coop!


Community members at Cañada De Las Palmas


Our adopted 1 month old kitten 🙂