Dominican border. For breakfast, we had some toast and cereal. Then we headed off to the wah-wah (the bus) and headed east to the border. To our surprise, the border was nothing more than a couple of wooden road blocks and a couple border patrol soldiers. What also surprised us was how easily people can walk through the border and back on select days (Mondays). But, there was also a Haitian/Dominican marketplace all around the border. It was a little awkward being there because we weren’t just being stared at (as usual) but we were pretty much surrounded by a large group of Haitian and Dominicans. We’re they curious of the fact that we were a very diverse group of Americans? Possibly. We did learn some things about what goes on in that area, such as up to 80 Haitians can be deported daily and they sell name brand merchandise like second hand Louis Vitton products. Then we made our way to a Binational Market that was 15 minutes from the border. The market looked just like a regular flea market. So we just walked around the market to see what kind of things were being sold and we left to go eat lunch at a restaurant down the street. And after eating some chicken, beans, rice and plantains, we made our way back to the hostel to chill out for a little bit before we had to start the class prep and go off the to the school an hour later. From everybody’s responses at dinner, nobody had issues with their classes so that’s always a good thing to hear.  For dinner, we had pasta with bread. And after dinner, we headed back to the hostel, our nightly meeting and finally got some rest.