It was a calm morning in preparation for a busy yet rewarding day. Today marks the very first day of our community action project (CAP). As highlighted in the previous day’s blog entry, Glimpsers are working with members of the community to create a water-pipe system that allows each family access to running water. For many of us, we often abuse and fail to appreciate our access to water. Whether it is using an excessive amount of water for the upkeep of our lawns or leaving the water running while brushing our teeth, it is not every day that we have to think about water security. In contrast, water is a luxury to many families in Jarabacoa.

In an attempt to remedy this, our CAP is centered around water security and ensuring that all families of the Hato Viejo community have access to running water. To do this, we are extending the water distribution system through the installation of pipes. Although water is pivotal to life and everyone should be able to access it as needed, unfortunately, it is a privilege for many within this community. On our first day of the CAP, we made a substantial amount of progress. We began with the excavation, which required pickaxes and shovels.  Although many of us were exhausted, we pushed on in unison with the members of the community. Glimpsers successfully completed one-third of our CAP and we look forward to two more days of service and community building.

Our day began with a cultural reflection, pushing us to think about the importance of empathy and intersectionality. It was a nice reminder, grounding Glimpsers as we reflected upon who we are and our perception of the world. Despite our different experiences, we are still able to empathize with one another and be allies. Putting ourselves in their shoes, we understand the feelings that would come along with not having access to a basic necessity such as water. Glimpsers are feeling really good about this project and we are happy to make a difference for the families we are serving!