The day started with clearing rocks on the greenhouse site

Today was our first day working on the CAP project.  We all worked really hard on the planning with the given time we had. This was something that we all put our hearts into because of how much we wanted to help the children and the people of that community. This morning we all had to wake up at 7:00 am to get ready for a day’s hard work and getting our hands dirty.  We had an amazing breakfast, which was salami and sunny side up eggs with bread that was a great refresher from back home. It reminded us of what we fail to appreciate about what we have, and how food is so accessible to many of us. After our wonderful breakfast, we all had to get ready for the trip to Rio Grande and get ready for the hard part of the day. Once we made it to Rio Grande, we were given time to make any necessary adjustments to our construction of the green house for the local community to teach the children who attend that school about agriculture and other skills from it.

One of the mural panels at the end of the day

There were 3 groups already that consisted of the structure group, painting group, and the irrigation group. All of these groups did an amazing job for 7 hours because even though we have 3 days to finish this project, it’ll feel like nothing to us because of how we well we all worked together and also how caring everyone was. We needed to remember to take a rest and drink some water because some people do not realize when to stop working in this type of tropical weather. After all the hard work, we had time for lunch, which included beans, white rice, cooked chicken, sweet potato fries, and salad. Everything tasted amazing and so great that most of us couldn’t stop eating and flocking to the fries.

After filling our bellies with delicious food, we got back to working on our CAP delivery. We continued to put full commitment into our work and even got to play with some of the kids in the Rio Grande community. Then, once we finished the first day’s work, we all hopped on the bus and headed to our home for these past 11 days. Once we got home, we all took our showers or naps and got ready for a home cooked meal. Tonight’s meal was alfredo with some tasty fried plantains and fruit. After a nice meal, some of us went out and explored the town and played some cards.

With a busy and successful process towards our project, we all had a valuable question to reflect on: “How does it feel helping others? Can one person make a difference?

Raul Valdez Mendoza & Elizabeth (Lele) Hernandez


This is the best “before” picture we got even though we had already been working for 20-30min. Remember it when you see the “after”!

Mural committee doing their thing

More muraling

Mixing cement

Everyone working together

Sam with the pick axe

Abby and Itzel work on the last panel of the mural

Katelyn, Flo, Colleen, and Maya playing with some local kids as we broke for lunch

Talking with Pastor Angel, the founder of the school

Greenhouse foundation crew

Mural coming along after lunch

As we broke for the day because of the threat of rain, we had lots of mural panels, a cinderblock foundation, and wood cut for the sides of the greenhouse.