C.A.P. Day 2, the last day of June.

Because Day 1 turned into a rainy day, we decided to pick up work early today. Everyone worked hard and smart, finishing the digging of trenches. Unfortunately, we were interrupted by rain again and were forced to cut our work day in half. Fortunately, the community members confirmed that tomorrow (Day 3) we will be able to start to place pipes into the trench because the trench is deep enough.

Today we strategized how to maximize the tools we were given. Though we were given 19 tools, pickaxes and shovels combined, it often did not feel like enough. The leaders used walkie-talkies to communicate between the different teams, that way we new when and where pickaxes or shovels were needed to either break up pieces of the Earth or shovel out loose dirt. After a hard day of work, we played basketball in the rain and explored the city, picking out our favorite snacks in the supermarket and chilling at the smoothie cafe.

With love,

Alison and Savannah