¡Hola! This is Florence and Mina, the Leaders of the Day or L.D.Ds from Constanza. Today was Community Action Project (CAP) Delivery Day 2, the second to last day until we finish our project, which is a greenhouse and a mural. Today, we were close to finishing our mural, which explains the process of how to grow plants to inform the kids of Rio Grande and also finishing our greenhouse. It was exciting to go there due to learning new things like how to build the greenhouse and how to shade in our art work like true artists. To be honest, it was hard to be a leader, remind people of things that you barely remember while trying not to be the bad guy, but it was fun to do that because we all respect and joke around with each other like a true family. Talking about family, we also played with our kids and passed out candies to them, which they loved. For breakfast, we ate delicious hot chocolate with cinnamon, rolls, eggs, and rice. The food here is delicious at Hotel Mi Casa, and I want to give a shout out to them.

The question of the day was, “What have you learned from working with the community? Who’s one person you will miss seeing?” The answer to the first part is that we build a strong relationship when we are together than alone and the second one is that we all are going to miss each other because we made strong bonds from joking with each other about giardia (the parasite that is inside of us that currently that causes diarrhea, but don’t worry we’re taking medication for it every day).

Along with that, we became English teachers and it was really hard. Some people came, but not as many as we had wished for. It was a hassle to have a lesson already planned only to realize that our Spanish speaking students knew more English than they thought. Other than that, it was an interesting experience to step in the shoes of our teachers and to know what they do is a true struggle to fulfill. To end that, we would like to say thank you for commenting on C2A’s blog and getting us through our homesickness, your kids love you and we cannot wait to see you soon. BYE!!! Let me get a HOOYYYAAA!!!!! Love you guys.

Florence (Shout out to my parents, Olu, Shunlonda, and Wawa Love you guys and cannot wait to see you guys and tell you guys of the misadventures I had!! Wooww G.D !!! Loves yaaa!!!!! * 3 more days)

Mina (Shout out to my parents, and closest friends!! I miss all of you guys, especially my mom and my friends Jennifer, Brandon and Brian who leave me comments on the blog and keeping me happy all the time. Can’t wait to see you guys, I love you guys with all of my heart!! Saranghae!! :D)

Working on CAP


Santos helping the structure crew while the mural crew paints away


Santos and some of the structure crew


So much progress!


Mural progress!


The following pictures are from English tutoring: