Today we primarily focused on the communities in Constanza that are facing poverty. Like most days we woke up at 7:00 a.m and had breakfast at 8:00. After eating breakfast we had a mental warmup at 8:45 in which we learned about the community we were visiting, Cañadas de las Palmas. We had a very short ride to the mountain community near our hotel.

When we arrived at the community we were then split into five groups, one group per family. Our tasks were to help the families with whatever they needed our assistance in, which for Ricardo and I, was helping prepare lunch. We had ample time to talk with the kids and adults. We had learned about how the community was in dire need of clean water and resources. For example, when I (Ricardo) entered the bathroom their water was filthy and they had been using water in a bucket. Like in relationship to our lives we notice that we get an endless amount of water, and never paid attention to the other half of the world.

As the day went on we engaged in a community game of baseball. The language barrier was challenging to us all, but all the kids felt extremely excited to be part of the game. In return, we felt excited to be part of this community. We had finally ended the day off with us leaving the community and heading back to the hotel around 2:30 p.m.

Around 5 we had our community action panel which all of us presented our bridge idea to the president of the Barrio de las Flores and the two builders. During that, all of us had to dress in a business casual outfit to pitch our plan to them. The community leaders were grateful for our presentation, which was done entirely in Spanish. Finally, everyone got ready for bed and had a nightly meeting to end the day.

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Tyler & Ricardo, Global Glimpsers