Hola from the Dominican Republic! Today we got the chance to further immerse ourselves in the Domincan culture by attending a music class and another dance class. So the day began normally, we all woke up and had breakfast together like a happy family and came down ready and excited to go to music class. We were all ready on time but the music class got shifted and was delayed about 45 minutes but that was no issue because in that time our delegation got a chance to further bond and play together. There were groups of people playing cards, playing 10 fingers, and just talking and getting to know each other better. Finally it was time to go to music class at which we got a really nice presentation about the history of Dominican music and what it has come to be today. We got a chance to listen to all different times of music both old and new and got to dance a little bit. It was a wonderful class and we got to learn a lot of different things. After music we went to lunch and had delicious rice and salad. The food here is always so great! It makes me so happy! 🙂 After lunch we split of into little groups to research what we really needed to do for our CAP project and what the estimated cost of the total project would be. Right after we had dance class which was SO much fun! We got to learn merengue and in the beginning had a mini music lesson. I got the chance to play the drums they had and danced like there was no tomorrow. We all really got into it and it was a really awesome experience. I hope to bring what I learned here back home and put it to some use. After dance we had a meeting for our CAP project to discuss and really bring all the details back together. We all organized our thoughts as a group and came to an agreement as to how we would be carrying the plan through. Soon it was time for dinner and we had this amazing eggplant lasagna. It was scrumptious! After dinner we had our nightly meeting which is always a nice way to end the day. I am having so much fun here and have already learned a lot not only about the Dominican Republic and its history but about myself and how I am as a person. I have made so many new memories and new friends, it has truly been a great experience so far. I have fallen in love with this country and all that it has to offer me and am excited to share stories with my friends and family back in the States. It was a really great experience being the Leader of the Day and helped me grow even further. I love my delegation!!