At the rise of dawn, we watched the sun slowly rise up from the curtains of our window. We then prepared for the long day ahead of us by eating breakfast consisted of pancakes soaked with honey, and fruits on the side. After breakfast, we then scavenged for materials to build benches, create a large overhang curtain to provide shade for the children of Barrilette (Orphanage), and paint to renovate the dormitories at a warehouse  We had a rough start due to the fact that the materials we needed were difficult to find, and the materials we needed to build curtains weren’t at the warehouse. Luckily, we were able to find the correct materials and proceeded to the orphanage. At the orphanage, we had a quick lunch break which consisted of rice, spaghetti, salad, and beef. After our break, we prepped for our English classes that we will instruct later in the day. After English prep, we began our Community Action Project for Barrilette. We divided into 3 groups. Firstly, a large group of 10 people working to repaint the dormitories upstairs. We also had a group of 8 work on building benches, and a small group of 4 worked on the curtain for the sun. For the group repainting the dorm, they began to clear out the room in order to paint the walls with primer. However the group struggled to completely paint the walls due to the rough texture, and unfortunately ran out of paint. While this was taking place, the bench group downstairs were cutting and sanding the wood in order to prep for the creation of the benches. The biggest challenge was that they could only cut and sand the wood one at a time, painstakingly finishing the 24 pieces of wood barely on time to leave. Outside, the curtain group was stenciling out the design of the curtain. For the design of the curtain, the biggest challenge was finding water proof material, which is extremely difficult to find in the city of Leon, Nicaragua.

Even though the group faced many challenges throughout the afternoon, we are extremely proud of our fellow global glimpsers for their hard work, dedication, and tenacity. We are looking forward to the next few days and the opportunity to execute this community action project. At around 4:15, we left the orphanage in order to return home, taking quick showers to wash off the sweat, paint, and sawdust that we all accumulated throughout the entire process of working. At 5:00, we headed off to the local restaurant Imabite in order to have energy for the last leg of the day. We had a dinner of chicken, rice, salad, and papaya juice. We then ventured on to teach our English classes. In the Intermediate class, the students treated the teachers by singing I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. This touched the teachers, and created a moment that allowed them to bond with the students through music. As for the Advanced class, we had thought provoking conversations about hobbies and passions, allowing the bond of teacher and student to break down little by little. In the beginner classes, the students were taught numbers ranging from 1-99, participating in a game of bingo with a prize of candy. Finally, we headed back home for a quick nightly meeting and are currently finishing up this blog at 9:48 and are looking forward to our cold showers and instant ramen to end the night


Hi viet hai c: hope you had fun at the abandoned building with Amy and Jesus. Gang gang its lit squad roll out what’s good

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