The day began at 6:45. We woke up extra early for our trip to Guamote, the home of Cesar Ayol. Cesar Ayol is an indigenous land owner who lives with his family on their farm. The trip on the bus lasted for 45 minutes and when we arrived we had a delicious breakfast of roasted corn, beans, bread, cheese, and tomato juice. After finishing breakfast we broke into three groups to work on different parts of the farm. The first group washed the dishes and prepared our lunch, the second group gathered sand to help the future community pool, and the last group whacked barley to retrieve the necessary seeds.

The work for each group lasted about two hours. After hard labor, the whole group rejoined for a lunch of rice, fries, vegetable soup, and fried chicken. As we were the final delegation from Global Glimpse the group dutifully thanked them for their allowance into their home with a few gifts on behalf of Global Glimpse. The bus ride felt much shorter and soon enough we were all back at the hotel and preparing for our English tutoring. While the rest of the group prepared for class, three students (Akida, Tamara, and Tenzin) went to purchase the necessary items with Jerry for our Community Action Project (CAP). Once ending with very fun and enjoyable classes to our students we wrapped up the day with dinner at Roma Santa that consisted of beef stew and plaintains. Reflecting on the day, we all came to the consensus that today brought to us the idea that happiness can be found in any home no matter the circumstances. The children of the Ayol family especially brought us happiness and were such highlight of the day!

Shout outs:

I love you mom and Sara and please tell everyone at home that I love them so much and can’t wait to tell you guys everything. Definitely coming back with some stronger Spanish skills. -Mia <3

I love and miss you mom and dad. – J.C