Hey everyone! Today was the first day of our Community Action Project (CAP). We broke up into three groups: the bodega, the kitchen and the office.

The bodega group carried the tiles from the backyard to the front of Utopia and cleaned the tiles while the carpenter speckled the brick wall. The bodega group also had to move all the dirt from the old baskets and transfer it into new baskets.

The office group filed books and moved shelves from middle room to the office room. There was LOTS of moving and heavy lifting. Shoutout to them strong boys for being super determined to get everything moved around.

The kitchen group also had a get-down dirty job and moved the gigantic cabinets. Asma had the aux so you know she was playing the chunes and everyone was in their (good) bag!!

Breakfast was good, we had fruits, pancakes and eggs. For lunch, we had rice mixed with chicken and for dinner we had chicken pasta.

Today felt great, everyone helped each other and no wasn’t an answer for anything today. It was a super productive day and we cannot wait to see how this project turns out.

PS: Asma- shoutout to the bronx and the Begum Residence <3 miss yall.

This is Anais and I wanted to shoutout to my parents and Jordan wanted me to shoutout her mom Gina.

This is Marco HI mom!!!! HI Dad I miss home and Celines. I’ve been having fun but I still miss your cooking. Shoutout to Brooklyn because unlike the other boroughs  we have the best pizza stores and parks.