Hey everyone. Our day started with waking everyone up at 7 and walking over to Roma Santa for breakfast.

When we were there we had granola, eggs, bananas and cake. After this we made our way over to Utopia to continue the work we started yesterday. So the different stations we were assigned to (bodega, kitchen, office) we picked up where we left off. Bodega and kitchen leveled the walls in the back of the store with spackle and got very dirty while the office had to reorganize the shelves with the books and papers.

Following this we went back to Roma Santa for some pork, avocado salad, white rice, beans for lunch. We walked over to the hotel and and some free time for an hour and 45 minutes.

We then got dressed to go and teach our last English class of the summer. We then went to dinner for some chicken, white rice and salad. Our nightly meeting was held after back at the hotel and the glimpsers had some free time before lights out at 9:30.