Today was our last day of the Community Action Project. Due to the rain the previous day, the community members started placing pipes in the trenches and covering them up, so that our hard work did not get destroyed. We got to the site at 9:00 AM and split into 3 groups: people covering the pipes, people placing and connecting pipes, and people digging the trench further.

      We came to a general consensus that the work we did today felt much more efficient. We covered a lot of ground. When we made it to the concrete part of the road, the community, and global glimpse leaders decided it would be best to end our work day. This meant we only worked until 12:00 today. Regardless, we made a lot of progress and got many pipes placed and covered.

      We then headed to lunch at a community member’s house where we had lunch and got to hold some of the baby chicks that wandered around the lot. After lunch and coffee made by some of the community members, we had a closing ceremony with members of the community. During our ceremony, we reflected on all of our hard work and the beautiful outcome of clean, running, water.

After lunch, we headed to the city where we got ice cream, bought souvenirs, and had some smoothies. When we got back to the ranch, we had a long and thoughtful reflection about our CAP project and then some free time before a chicken tenders dinner.

One highlight of today was playing with the community kids who were excited to talk to us, however, we all made close connections with the adults in the community as well. Our group was very proud of the work we did and we were happy to have a long-lasting, positive impact on the community, of Halto Viejo.

See you soon!

Ruby and Paloma