Our second free day started off early in the morning at 7:30 and everybody had half an hour to get ready for breakfast. Despite the early wakeup call and rough self-reflection from last night, everybody seemed joyful and had fun with each other’s company while eating breakfast.

Something different form other days was that there was music playing. We all bonded by singing and just being close to each other. Even after breakfast, all of us gathered around and sang our hearts out. We were all vulnerable last night. Us listening, singing, smiling, and laughing together this morning reminded us that if we just had one another, everything might just okay. Music made everyone so lively. Usually we are exhausted throughout the whole day. It wasn’t until today, our 12th day in Constanza, that we were this energized.

After breakfast we had a seminar about writing letters to people who supported us in getting to where we all are now, Constanza. We then began to write our first drafts. Nobody was afraid to ask others for feedback. I usually don’t ask for help but I asked for everyone around me for their opinions and they were willing to help. That’s how comfortable we are with each other and each day, we learn more and more about one another.

Today was free day so most of today was just relaxing and spending more time with each other, not like we don’t do that already. There was free time after at 10:30 where some went to get souvenirs and others to the internet café. Lunch was at 1. Even then we all serenaded to Adele, even Jessica and Ben. After that came the second round of free time, most of us went to a fancy restaurant while others (including me) just stayed and relaxed at the hostel. Then coincidentally, we all somehow met each other at the bakery. It was great to see everyone smiling and laughing. Every day, there’s always something that puts a smile on everybody’s faces.

We then all met up back at the hostel to polish up our Community Action Project. Because we were going to present it to the community tomorrow, everything was hectic. We all had disagreements and misunderstandings. Everybody was stressed out because of problems that arose. We may communicate well as friends, but when working with each other, some may clash with one another. That is definitely something we could work on tomorrow. To calm ourselves down, we all sat down at the dinner tables and cooled down. Even though we were arguing just a few minutes before, somehow we were all laughing again while eating dinner.

However, when the nightly meeting began, there was still a little tension. When it ended though, some cracked some smiles and others laughed their butts off. It was great to see how we didn’t let those arguments and misunderstandings ruin the strong bond we had with one another.

I’m definitely looking forward to what’s going to happen during Immigration Day tomorrow!!