To start off our day, we began with a 7:30 wake up call and headed to Roma Santa for a delicious breakfast made by Isabel. From there we took a bus trip, with our driver Don Victor, for our final CAP day at Utopia. The majority of us spent the time at Utopia painting the brick walls while also getting paint splatter on our nice pants and sneakers. The rest of the group spent the time putting the finishing touches on the the office and bodega. We finished quickly with the help of some music from Asma, John and Chrissy and gave our farewells to the Utopia staff.

After lunch, we had 3 hours of free time (most of which was spent taking showers). Many people headed to Plaza Roja and Cafe Paris to spend their time and money. At 3:45 we got back on the bus and headed to the Nazareno School to celebrate the graduation of the English tutoring students. The graduation was extremely nice along with the musical interveNtion where we sang Imagine by John Lennon. Afterwards we spent time taking pictures with the graduates. We headed back on the bus ready to celebrate Nelson’s birthday at Roma Santa with cake and a sparkling candle. We laughed and talked all the way back to the hotel where we sat down for our second to last nightly meeting. 🙁 We discussed working at Utopia for our CAP project and all the good we’ve done for the organization, as well as our plans for tomorrow’s last free day and information about our return home!!!!!!!!! Joelle and I passed on the torch to the last leaders of the day: Stacia and Natalya. We’re excited for them to show off their leadership skills.

Here’s what we ate today:

For breakfast we had fried eggs, bread, special Ecuadorian cheese, fruits including strawberry jam and kiwi, almond milk and oatmeal juice.

For lunch we ate rice, fish, steak and vegetables, and some yucca fries (which are similar to potatoes)

For dinner we ate papas fritas (fries) with some macaroni and steak with some spinach.

Sierra: Shoutout to you mom, dad, Isaiah, and my grandma. I will be home really soon. I really miss you guys. 🙂

Joelle: Hey mom, even though I know we talked about it on the phone I wussed out on my talent 🙁 but it’s fine cause a few people heard me sing a couple of times already. Still have to finish my letters and buying people stuff but it’s almost done. Love u, see you in a few days <3