Hola! Good morning friends and family. Yesterday was our last free day and full day in Riobamba. We had the luxury of sleeping in until 8 AM. Then, as a whole group, we headed over to Roma Santa for one of our final breakfasts. We had pancakes, boiled eggs strawberry jam, yogurt, chocolate crisps, bananas strawberries, passion fruit juice and tea. From there we broke up into three groups and headed out into the city to finish sightseeing and shopping. One group made a second breakfast stop at Cafe Paris. If you ever make it down to Riobamba, get the coffee milkshake. Our second destination was the Plaza Roja, where we got tons of souvenirs for all of you. We even met up with some new Ecuadorian friends we made the day before. There was a lot of bargaining over ponchos, pants, llamas, t-shirts and bracelets.

Our new friends showed us to Inka Burger, a stall with the best burgers in Ecuador in a secluded food court off of the main road. The second group joined us for lunch and we ordered an insane amount of food and finished EVERYTHING! A few of us went back to Roma Santa and experienced fine dining for lunch. They had two types of seafood fried rice, beef stew, chicken, broccoli medley  and salad. Then we split again. Half of us were attracted by a festival going on near the water. $1 for paddle boats that involved a lot of screaming. The other half went to the salon by our hotel to get eyelash extensions for $5. Money well spent. Then there was a trip to the artisan market at the train station, followed by another trip to  Plaza Roja. We dropped some Glimpsers off at the hotel. A lot more stressful bargaining happened, but in the end we were all immensely satisfied with our purchases.

For dinner at Roma Santa we had fried chicken, meatballs, potatoes, another broccoli medley. There was also a surprise dish: *drumroll* roasted guinea pig and rabbit (heads on)! We are very proud to say that everyone tried at least one of the delicacies. Finally, we finished the night off with a viewing of COCO and packing. Lashes came off and lights went out.

So, this it folks! We are currently having breakfast at Roma Santa for the last time. However, we are looking forward to seeing all of you very soon. There will not be another blog post tonight as we will have been awake for 36 hours and zombie mode will be in full effect. Thank you for following us on this journey.  Love you all and see you very soon!