Today was a pretty awesome, straight forward, REALLY long day.

Earlier today, we went to a place high in the in the mountains called “Pucara Tambo” and learned and experienced a lot of cool things, such as the lives of the indigenous Cacha people.

Don Segundo, an indigenous man, that has taught us a lot about the culture of indigenous people. Today we did a ceremony where we had the opportunity to cleanse our bodies of negative energy. After the AWSOME experience of going through the ceremony, we split in 2 groups, one group learned about the native medicinal plants and the meaning of it, the other went to a museum to learn about the history of Ecuador, and vice versa.

Then we went to go see Guinea pigs and two rabbits (which were food for locals), after that dreadful truth of learning about the adorable dinner, we went to go see an alpaca and a llama.

Our meals continued to be on point! For breakfast we had scrambled eggs with veggies, watermelon, papaya, toast and oatmeal juice which was very delicious. For lunch we had corn (regular corn and roasted corn with sugar), cheese, and a wonderful salad, cooked by our indigenous friends. At last for dinner we had chicken soup with sweet plantain balls. Looking forward to another great day into tomorrow!

Shout out from Daniel Rivera, he says Much love with only one love.

Shout out from Kellen to my brother Davante Jennings for inspiring my leadership today!