We began the day early with some lovely pancakes that Doña Ursula tried to make for the first time, which were delicious!

The essential question of the day was around how we can support local communities, and we began on that quest with a visit to the Escuela de Sordos Mudos, a school in Jarabacoa for the deaf, currently with 6 students in a wide range of ages. We learned to communicate our names, ages, and interests with the students using ASL, and connected through playing basketball, volleyball, and dancing bachata and merengue. We then returned home to some tasty corn, rice, and beef with onions, and many of us took naps and listened to music to prepare for the next activity.

We discovered our Community Action Project (CAP) by visiting the river that we’ll dig around to build aqueducts to supply the surrounding homes with water. It was a nice hike through the weeds alongside cows, and we got to cool down in the river, some fully submerged. We then talked to Francis, the contact for the construction company for CAP, and learned his transition from real estate to his passion for the community, and our ability to help provide water to around 24 homes with the aid of multiple delegations including ones following us.

We finished the day with some discussions over how we would plan the CAP project and other fun ones about who would survive in the Hunger Games. Finally, dinner was hot dogs!

Hi family, it’s Pau. I hope that you guys are looking at this and are witnessing the joy on my face. I think about you guys more than I’d like to admit and miss you guys all the time. I rapped “Backstreet Freestyle” by Kendrick to seize my position as Leader of the Day. This was all worth the stress, I love you guys, bye <3

Hi Mom and Dad, this is Jason. Although I thought I would text you every day, we actually only get one or two more calls so wait for those! I hope you are enjoying your time on the safari in Kenya! In the Dominican Republic, we’ve been having lots of fun and learning experiences. I’ve been able to become good friends with basically everyone and I don’t regret coming on this trip 🙂

PS, Happy Birthday Francis!

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