Hello! Today was our first free day of the entire trip. We started off by waking up at 7am in order to wake everybody up at 8am to get ready for breakfast at 9am. After we had some cereal with fruit, we all went to the supermarket to grab some snacks. Then, we went to the internet café so that some people could go through social media but some of us went to the park to take some nice pictures. Later, we went back to the hotel to eat lunch which was white rice, chili, and vegetables. After that, we played a game of mafia and then listened to some music with our youth ambassadors. At 3:15pm we headed out to the bakery even though it started to rain intensely. We all got to talk and enjoy our pastries and some English students were there too. We arrived at curfew and started planning out English classes for the next day and developing our CAP projects. Also, calls home were made and we got to talk to our families after a whole week and we will be calling our families again on Saturday too. At 7pm we ate dinner which was tortilla Espanola, boiled vegetables, and iced tea. After dinner we had our nightly meeting in which we discussed the similarities and differences between the way young people in this city spend their free time compared to kids in the US. We did not see a lot of kids on their phones throughout the day and mostly spent their time outside while others stayed at home. Transportation is also very different because in the US we see a lot of buses and trains while people walk or use motorcycles. Here, there is a limited quantity of things to do unlike the US. At the end of the meeting we passed the torch to the next leaders of the day. You will hear from them very soon!