Hello Everyone!

This is Steward checking in and I am so happy to see that you guys are excited about the trip.  It is hard to describe just how amazing your experiences will be, but if Grover and I are going back for the third time you can bet it has to be pretty amazing! So, now lets get some parents involved.  The blog is mostly a way for your folks to see what we do each day.  Please get anyone who want to hear about your trip on the blog before you leave. So here is some homework for the parents: please check in and write a blog post and say who you are and which student is yours, that way we can make sure there is a cheering section from the U.S. and everyone is sure how to follow our posts.  Thanks everyone! Good Luck packing and don’t forget to put the copies of your passport in your carry-on luggage.  I will need to collect one of those from you at the airport.  Also, any medications go in their properly labeled containers in your carry-on. Good Luck! I will be calling you this week in case there are any other questions or concerns. Thanks!