History day!

Today was day one of our global glimpse experience and what better way to begin than with history, right? We began our history lesson with an activity about why our students are here in Dominican Republic and what event(s) in their lives have led them to be here with us today. Some responses went back to parents wanting new experiences for their children, some about an inner calling to step out of their comfort zone, and other were because they were encouraged by teachers. Regardless of their reasoning, historic event(s) led all of our students to go on this journey. Dominican Republic (DR) is a rich country in history. From the early days of colonialism to current democracy the DR has struggled through politics, agriculture, tourism, and culture. This can be easily seen through a simple stroll through the town of Constanza. Our students took that stroll today where they witnessed different timelines of the DR’s history in the streets. It was an excellent day and we all learned a lot from the history through the books and through getting to know the local community and people.

Thank you for reading our blog, please keep reading them and encouraging our students through your comments.