Bienvenidos to Constanza C2A! This is Jake and Taylor, leaders of the day on day 9 of our cultural immersion trip in the DR. As we are sure you read, yesterday afternoon was not super fun, as it included us having to give stool samples. Unfortunately, we got an early start because our wakeup call was at 6:30 a.m., which meant we had to wake up at 6 a.m., as leaders of the day. During breakfast, we decided as a group that we did not have sufficient energy to visit the dump, as previously planned, so we postponed our trip until Sunday.

We spent the morning planning the CAP (Community Action Project) components, which included greenhouse structure, greenhouse irrigation, and our mural of the plant cycle. The new schedule basically gave us time to recuperate and visit the clinic for the remainder of the delegation to make sure everyone was taken care of. Therefore, the morning for everyone consisted of working on the CAP, and progressively getting bored of card games, specifically UNO and CRAZY 8. The reason why we could not present the CAP project was because the community members could not make it out to us due to the rain. The rain made the roads so dangerous they could not make the 30 minute drive down to our hotel. After this happened and all our plans had to be reworked, we decided to rename this day “flexible day”.

After lunch, we had the opportunity to go out after it stopped raining very hard. Being the adventurous Glimpsers we are, everyone in our 26 member group ventured out in the rain at some point during our free time. Most people had gone to the souvenir store, some people went to the super market, and a small group had gone to a local bakery after leaving the clinic.

One of our Global Glimpse Leaders, Ester, taught us a super cool card game called Nertz. It was evident that everyone was exhausted from over relaxing, which is not a bad thing but it was a bit stressful not having any new activities to do. We got the opportunity to customize our own T-Shirts for our trip to the Dominican Republic. Students were given the opportunity to submit a design for the shirt and Zhonna was chosen to be the designer for our T-shirts. A big reason why we are making the shirts is because we want remember this once in a life time opportunity in Constanza, Dominican Republic.  

For dinner everyone got a taste from home (a.k.a. lasagna), which everyone was stoked about. Because of our valient efforts in recruiting people for English class, the night before, we discussed how to gauge the English level of the new students when they show up tomorrow for our new 6 to 8 p.m. class. After dinner, we were glad to pass the torch to Ivette and Criseyda. Tommorrow is a day to look forward to, as it is our second free day. Some things I’m looking forward to tomorrow night, includes a basketball game after our nightly meeting and a chance to hang out with our friends.

Taylor and I learned a lot about ourselves today. Because of the strange circumstances surrounding the day, we learned that we are pretty adaptable and prepared. Furtheremore, we were able to relay announcements to the group throughout the day very well. Overall, we were bummed that today lacked activities. However, we feel we made the most of our day today.


Jake (Shout out to all of my amazingly supportive friends and family for all the awesome comments, and most of all, my brother who I miss most)

Taylor (No shout outs, but thanks to everyone for reading)


A group of us at our favorite dessert place during free time


Hanging out during free time


Our crazy new favorite card game – Nertz!


Zhonna working on the T-shirt design