Today we began our second to last day of our amazing 14 day trip. We began wake up calls at 8 o’clock and had a breakfast of oatmeal, bananas, and cookies at 9 am. After eating breakfast, at 10 am people split up into two big groups of their choice and decided where to go into the city. After decisions were mace, everyone headed out to places ranging from the supermarket to a pizzeria and everything in between. (Note: The pizzeria was a safe place to eat, so no food poisoning). Then we promptly came back before lunch which was at 12:30. We had beans, rice, steak, pork, salad, and parmesan eggplant casserole, which was delicious as always. During lunch, Glimpsers were able to receive the money they wanted to exchanged earlier in the morning. At around 1:30, everyone was ready for round two of becoming broke in the beautiful city of Constanza. People set off on their adventures to the internet café  to contact their families or to the supermarket to buy a ton of coffee and to many other places that filled our stomachs and backpacks but emptied our wallets. (Expect surprises Glimpser families 😉). With a 4:45pm curfew, everyone made sure to get back to Dilenia’s hotel/restaurant on time with no pesos left in sight. Afterword, we had a whole hour of free time to bond, have a lit dance party, or play some new card games. When 7pm came around, we were ironically treated by Dilenia to pizza with corn sprinkled on top with a nice cold glass of Coca-Cola to wash it down. After conversation with the group over pizza and soda, at 8pm we had nightly meeting! After passing the torch, now us Líders Del Día are here documenting our second free day experience! We all miss you and cant wait to tell stories when we are back in 2 (3-ish) days! Thank you for picking up our calls! Always sending good vibes.

(Sadly we don’t have pictures of today since everyone was out and about, but definitely expect pictures in tomorrow’s blog 😊).


Haley and Alan 🙂


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