Today was a free day for everyone. We woke up later than usual, at 8:30 am and ate breakfast. After that, students had the opportunity to go to dance class or stay at the Hotel and relax. The dance we learned was Bachata which is a traditional dance and used to be prohibited here in the D.R. After dance class, everybody met back at the Hotel and we split up into groups of what we wanted to do until lunch. Everybody went to different places with one of the adults and met later at the restaurant for lunch. At lunch, we had delicious fried chicken, rice and salad. When we were all done eating, we split into groups again and did more shopping or had the choice to do other activities like get some ice cream and/or go to a baseball game. After the game, everybody stayed at the Hotel until it was time for Dinner. At dinner we had yuca, chicken strips and some veggies which was all very tasty! The food here is always exquisite! Throughout the whole day, we were able to contact our loved ones, go on the internet, shop for some clothes and go to the grocery store to get some snacks. At night, after dinner we had a nightly meeting and began living on “A Dollar a Day”!