Hey guys! Our names are Favian and Marshatta. Today we were able to be Los Lideres Del Dia for the very first Fun Day on this trip. We woke up at 7 am sharp and ate breakfast at 8 like we usually do. But the real fun thing was riding on a truck through the beautiful neighborhoods of Constanza to a hiking trail that leads to a monument known as “El Divino Nino”. Throughout the hiking session we faced many challenges hiking up the trail. Some people pushed through while others tried their best, but rode in the truck due to them getting tired and not managing to push through. When finally we managed to reach the peak, we were greeted to the breathtaking site of “El Divino Nino”. Right away, everyone was amazed by the overview of the monument that was surrounded by the city of Constanza. Everyone took photos with each other in front of the view, it quickly became a heartfelt bonding experience for us all. We were lucky enough to meet the creator of the monument himself and listen to his intriguing stories about why he created the “El Nino”. After the unique visit, we hiked back down the mountain. Later that day, we drove to a hotel called “Alto Cerro”. At “Alto Cerro” we all engaged in fun outdoor activities such as soccer, playing on a playground, playing volleyball, playing pool and overall just hanging around with each other.

We learned a lot about ourselves and each other because it was a day that didn’t have a strict schedule so we were able to relax outside in the sun and open up to each other. Many people mentioned that it was surprising how joyful the day was even though we did so many activities that got us moving. As for being the Leader of The Day it was interesting to find out who we are as leaders. Both Marshatta and I learned how to balance our skills with each other.