Today we relaxed and had a fun day! We woke up at 6:30 AM and woke everyone up at 7:00 AM. Then we gathered and had breakfast. The breakfast was great; we had sandwiches and cereal.

After breakfast, we all walked to the beach where we swam, played hot potato with a ball, and collected some interesting-looking rocks. Some of the glimpsers bought some souvenirs from local vendors strolling the beach.


We then walked back to the base house where we swam for a little then had lunch. After lunch, we quickly packed upĀ and headed back to Constanza which was a pretty long bus ride.

Once back at our accommodations in Constanza, we rested for a bit then started learning and planning for our community action project (CAP). During the CAP, we will be working with a local organization to determine the needs of the community and create a sustainable plan.

Through our experience throughout the day, we learned that an appropriate resting time is needed before a big project.

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Big Love,

Pratick & Yunkun